​"Maël", director - Ulrike Brett Uukkivi

The movie tells a story about Maria- a woman who is entering her midlife years and has found herself at a dead end. For a long time she has been escaping the harsh reality of her life with the help of alcohol. By shutting herself away from people and society, she has created an illusion of which it is impossible for her to break away. She has nothing or no one in her life to put things in perspective. She knows that at some point her money is bound to run out. Nevertheless, she has no plan about what she's going to do when this happens. One evening she takes the trip to the local mall- for yet another bottle of vodka. That night he runs into Georgi- a man who has successfully unbound himself from the bounds of materialism. Georgi is the first person in years who has sparked an interest in Maria. Maria, hoping to find a drinking companion for the night, agrees to go to Georgi's place. There she discovers a new reality where material wellbeing is not the precondition for a life of happiness and freedom.

Director - Ulrike Brett Uukkivi

I am very passionate about art. The theme I like to explore in my movies is mainly human psychology- how and why people act and react a certain way? And what does that tell us about them? I think of this certain film as kind of an experiment, where I tried to reflect the main characters inner life though film language also (not just through acting).

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