“2ANNAS” short-films programm

BIRD FLU (Linnugrip)
Priit Tender, Estonia / 2016 / Animation / 9min 40sec 

Animation, director – Priit Tender 

Script Author: Priit Tender 

Director: Priit Tender 

Art Director: Hefang Wei 

Composer: Märt-Matis Lill 

Composite: Hefang Wei Priit Tender 

Animators: Laura Linna Ülle Metsur Maiken Silla Tarmo Vaarmets Katrin Vaher 

Sound Design: Horret Kuus 

Editor: Priit Tender 

Producer: Kalev Tamm

Synopsis: Story about a man and a snake, an alcoholized penguin and the disappearance of birds. Story about an apple tree and apples, about roots and rootlessness. Story about a paradise and about the expel from it.

BRIDGES (Tiltai)
Austėja Urbaitė, Lithuania / 2015 / Fiction / 15min
Synopsis: Two young people who are best friends, Olivija and Matas, go on a kayaking trip in late autumn. Neither is aware of each other’s plans and everything works out just fine until one of them says «I love you»… 

DOGGONE (Sobaka)
Domas Petronis, Lithuania / 2015 / Fiction / 10min
Synopsis: «Doggone» is a story of a messed up couple trying to put down their dog. They go back and forth not making any decision, but arguing and blaming each other for everything what happened in their life. 

TO LIGHT (Valguseks/Valguseni/Valgusena) 

Director: Nora Särak, Estonia / Latvia / 2015, Documentary / 26min 30sec
Synopsis: A poetic documentary about a mother and her son of Estonian origin, living in the Russian town of Pechora, what used to be the Estonian city of Pesteri, a border town between Estonia and Russia.

Signe Birkova, Latvia / 2016 / Animation / 9min 31sec
Synopsis: An urban pleasure trip of a lonely cowboy is violently interrupted. This disruption initializes a wave of vivid imagery in his subconsciousness, and he undergoes a process of painful purification being transformed into a black doll.

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