“Blueberry spirits” dir. Astra Zoldnere

Documentary (12 min 40 sec)


Director: Astra Zoldnere
Producer: Kaspars Brakis
Script: Ron Rosenberg
Operator: Kaspars Brakis
Music: Jan Schöwer
Sound design: Anrijs Krenbergs
Montage: Astrida Kostante
Production company: Fly For Film

"Blueberry spirits" is a poetic documetary short-film about a gipsy family who spends their summer in Kurzeme forests, gathering and selling berries. While gathering berries, gipsies share ghost stories that they have expierienced in the forest themselves. The mystical stories reveal the gipsies fight for their identity, while trying to balance their past, present and their traditional and modern lifestile.

About the director:
Astra Zoldnere is a film director, curator and publicist. In her work the films theoretical and practical sides brighten each other. Astra has studied in Baltic Film and Media School and has a master degree in film directing. The films made by her - "Money of the Sea", "Fragile heart" and "Blueberry spirits" - have been shown in multiple film festivals and have received awards, while her articles about films are being published in the cultural media. Since January 2015, Astra works a programm director in Riga International Film Featival 2ANNAS.

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