Boys of Livsala

1969., Latvia, Riga motion pictures studio

Directors: Eriks Lacis, Janis Streics

Starring: Juris Bruziks, Juris Plavins, Inese Petersone, Andris Apinis, Aivars Leimanis, Imants Strods, Kaspars Puce, Maris Smildzins, Janis Pepa, Venta Vecumniece, Haralds Topsis, Imants Kokars, Gido Kokars, Harijs
Avens, Hermanis Vazdiks, Talivaldis Macijevskis, Roberts Ceplitis, Velta Kruze, Peteris Sogolovs, Uldis Dumpis

Martin Pupols moves to a small parcel in Daugavgriva. His parents are dead and he is being taken care of by his grandfather. On the first day Martins goes to school with a pioneer neckcloth around his neck. His classmates - the rich boys- who call themselves Livsalas "wolves", do not like it. In the school for the first year works the young teacher Zemitis, who strongly defends the Soviet Union, which has it`s enemies - teacher Rone and the rich landlord of Lielausi, where strange things are happening.

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