“Insiders will understand” second part

Documentary (Latvia), Dir - Mareks Berents, length: 1 hour 6min

Director Mareks Bernets (1974) has studied marketing and distribution. He has worked with films since 2005 as a directors assistent for a music video, in 2006 he became the director of the film studio “Kaupo” and in 2009 he started working on his own movie “Insiders will understand”, where he is the director and producer. Mareks Bernets has worked with multiple films as a second director, also with music videos and television films.

“Insiders will understand” – a dinamic documentary trilogy about latvian rock music history from the beginning in the 60`s till the day of regaining independence in the 90`s. The series contain three films, which each are dedicated to one decade.This year will be shown the second film of the trilogy – “80`s. The new era”. Heroes of the film are latvian rock musicians, who in spite of the censorship and bans, took the liberty of expressing the craving for liberty and independece.

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