La La Land: Californian Dreams

USA, 2016. 

Directed by Damien Chazelle 

Starring: Ryan Gossling: Emma Stone, John Legend, Rosemarie DeWitt

Mia hopes to become an actress, but earns money working as a waitress. Sebastian is a jazz musician who is upset about the development of jazz nowadays, since the real jazz players have passed. Their meeting is fateful, however, when lovers dreams turn into reality, they make decisions that gradually undermine the relationship. One of the most difficult and in the last year's undeservingly forgotten cinematic genres-musical- produced by Damien Chazelle received its first applause at the Venice Film Festival, where the premiere of the film took place, but it triumphed at the Golden Globe and the Oscars' Ceremony. The members of the The Academy Awards gave this movie six awards -best director, actress (Emma Stone), operator, music, artist and original song "City of Stars". Despite all the awards, it had to give away the Best movie title to the independent drama "Moonlight".

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