Liberation day

Liberation day

Director: Ugis Olte, Morten Traavik, 100’, Latvia/Norway, 2016

Producer: VFS Films

Co-producer: Norsk Fjernsyn AS (Norvēģija)

Script author: Ugis Olte

Operator: Valdis Celmins

Producer: Uldis Cekulis

Supporters: National Film Center of Latvia

Something unexpected happened on August, 2015. In the most isolated country in the world, where everything is controled by the system, from the west arrived a scandelous rock group, whose energy can lift you up. It was

a mythological meeting, which could be compared to a chemical reaction. One of it`s elements is the group Laibach - rock musicians, who have grown up in the dictatorial South-Slavic country, and in their art still embodies a character system, inspired by totalitarianism. The second element - the North-Korean "dream" public, which has never heard of a rock music at all, because in their perfect system such music simply has never existed. The third element is the author of this unique experiment, who plays a half-god part, because the rock group and the team which receives them are forced to obey only to him.

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