Operator: Kristaps Dzenis

Scenery author: Gatis Ungurs
Instalation director: Toms Krauklis
Starring: Gatis Gaga, Kaspars Puce, Kaspars Dumburs, Marija Linarte, Hanna Bule, Vitalijs Jakovlevs, Karlis Tols, Pauls Iklavs, Andrejs Alens
Costume artist: Liga Krasone
Makeup artist: Ilona Zarina
Film artist: Kristaps Kalsers
Producer: Latvian Academy of Culture


Ludis with his daughter is living in a greedy and narcissistic village. One day Ludis tractor has crashed into the main electrical box and the entire village has lost electricity. Ludis is being blamed for the accident. He inadvertently touches the electric wires and cramped falls on the ground. Wife is protesting that a dead man won’t be placed at home. They place him in the garage. In the night Ludis hand falls on the cellar light wires and electricity occurs. What is the basis for a big money scheme or the beginning to believe that Ludis is the new wonder of the world.

Director Gatis Ungurs

Gatis Ungurs (1990) now studies audiovisual bachelor program in Latvian Academy of Culture and has made multiple documentaries and art films of which the most known is “Plenči”, which has receaved rewards in many film festivals, including Latvian National Film Award “Lielais Kristaps” for the best costume artist.

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