Maritime Climate

1974., Latvia, Riga motion pictures studio/Trīs

Director: Rolands Kalniņš

Director Rolands Kalnins (born in 1922) has dedicated all his life to latvian cinema art; he started workin in Riga Film Studio in 1947 as a directors assistent. He became a director by working tohether with great masters – Julijs Raizmans, Pavels Armands, Leonids Leimanis. In 1959 Rolands Kalnins became a film director and made his first art film – “Ilze”. Some of his films were banned, but those which reached the audience, gained a lot of respect. Rolands Kalnins in 1998 received the Order of the Three Stars.

Starring: Ivars Kalnins, Dzintars Veits, Peteris Liepins, Svetlana Bless, Helga Dancberga, Uldis Dumpis, Edgars Liepins, Arnolds Linins, Miervaldis Ozolins, Elza Radzina, Regina Razuma, Velta Straume, Juris Strenga,
Rolands Zagorskis, Anda Zaice, Ansis Epners, Uldis Pauzers, Liga Liepina, Mirdza Martinsone

Eriks, Harijs and Guntis work in a gas office. One day Eriks, playing as a main engineer, he meets a beautiful girl named Daina. Later he learns that the girl is the new engineer. 

The making of the movie was stopped and most of the movie material was destroyed. That was the first case in Latvian history when the movie was not banned or kept silent when it was already made, but was stopped in the
middle of making and the material was destroyed. But, in spite of everything, the authors managed to save 40 minutes of the movie, so 20 years later - in the summer of 1992 - in the directors Rolands Kalnins film studio "Trīs" they could make an unfinished movie, using the material that was saved.

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