Plastalin animation film 2017, Latvia/Estonia

Director: Nils Skapans

Born in Riga, Latvia, in 1969. In 1987 graduated high school and since 1989 works in animation as cinematographer, animator, scriptwriter and director. He happened to spend some time in the Dauka Animation Film Studio while still in school. Dauka were pioneers in hand-drawn animation in Latvia and since then have taught few generations of Latvian animation filmmakers. Later on, Nils worked with puppet animation for a while, and his film “Let’s fly!” received the Berlinale Children’s Jury's award – the Glass Bear in 1995. He has made more than 30 films to date, and, for more than a decade, he has used plasticine clay as the main material for his puppet animation. Since 2012, Nils Skapans works with producer Roberts Vinovskis at his studio “Locomotive Productions”. “CAT IN THE BAG” was the first film of this creative union and so far it has seen a very successful festival circuit. The “CAT” was screened in more than 25 other festivals all over Europe, as well as in the USA, Canada, Turkey, Pakistan etc. Now it is a turn for “OUR GRANNY ROCKS” to shine.

Scenery: Nils Skapans, Lote Eglite

Operator: Valdis Celmins
Artist and animator: Nils Skapans
Assembly director: Nils Skapans
Assembly and computer processing: Zigfrids Niklavics, Nauris Asenkampfs, Janis Spelmanis
Artists – sculptors:Elina Poikane, Vita Valdmane
Composer: Jekabs Nimanis
Sound director: Ernests Ansons
Producer: Roberts Vinovskis
Producing companies: Studio Lokomotīve (Latvia), Jarve Studio (Estonia)
Premiere: 04.05.2017., Riga, kino Splendid Palace

As it usually happens, two kids get into a fight, because of a doll. Though the nice grandmother comes and takes the kids to a playground, the argument continues and it looks like it wont end good... But then the grandmother interferes and they all end up in a totally different world. Now the kids meet real adventures and there is no time to argue about the little things. It is nice to have a grandmother who might just be the good witch.

Directors comentary
The film is like a fantasy-adventure genre story. A fairytale with miracles and transformations. An adventure with burglars, danger, chase, jokes and of course – a happy ending. And in the end a story about a simple thing – that you should not argue and fight – and about a wonderfull grandmother – nanny, who so wonderfully can make her grandkids casual day from an argument into a nice adventure.

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