Scenery: Nils Skapans, Lote Eglite

Operator: Valdis Celmins
Artist and animator: Nils Skapans
Assembly director: Nils Skapans
Assembly and computer processing: Zigfrids Niklavics, Nauris Asenkampfs, Janis Spelmanis
Artists – sculptors:Elina Poikane, Vita Valdmane
Composer: Jekabs Nimanis
Sound director: Ernests Ansons
Producer: Roberts Vinovskis
Producing companies: Studio Lokomotīve (Latvia), Jarve Studio (Estonia)
Premiere: 04.05.2017., Riga, kino Splendid Palace

As it usually happens, two kids get into a fight, because of a doll. Though the nice grandmother comes and takes the kids to a playground, the argument continues and it looks like it wont end good... But then the grandmother interferes and they all end up in a totally different world. Now the kids meet real adventures and there is no time to argue about the little things. It is nice to have a grandmother who might just be the good witch.

Directors comentary
The film is like a fantasy-adventure genre story. A fairytale with miracles and transformations. An adventure with burglars, danger, chase, jokes and of course – a happy ending. And in the end a story about a simple thing – that you should not argue and fight – and about a wonderfull grandmother – nanny, who so wonderfully can make her grandkids casual day from an argument into a nice adventure.

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