“Pyramus and Thisbe”, director – Laura Raud


This modern adaptation of the classic Greek myth tells the tale of Pyramus and Thisbe - young lovers who, despite having grown up in dismal circumstances, have managed to maintain their internal goodness. Because of their domestic situations, the lovers can only communicate through a little ventilation shaft between the toilets of their apartments. On the fateful day when they flee from their respective homes more goes wrong than either of them could have foreseen and thus the meeting of the lovers finally takes place in quite a different way than they had hoped...

Director - Laura Raud

Laura Raud is a screenwriter and director based in Estonia. Having grown up in a multilingual family of writers and artists, she was always interested in finding a way of telling stories in a creative environment. Laura Raud graduated from the BA Film Arts program at the Baltic Film and Media School this year.

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