Saulrieta koncerta muzikanti

Artura Noviks and Sandis Steinbergs

Arturs Noviks has gained the love of the public by playing in ensembles and the most popular is “Tango Sin Quinto”. He is not just playing the accordion, but also for the fifth year works as a teacher in Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music, and in Jazeps Medins 1st Music School of Riga. 

Sandis Steinbergs is a great violinist and chamber musician. Now Sandis is a concertmaster of the first violin group in Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and a violinist in the RIX ensemble, but before that for 16 years he played in the chamber orchestra “Kremerata Baltica”. Sandis Steinbergs has received the “The Latvian Grand Music Award” twice. Both musicians began their cooperation while working with LNSO chamber music concert “Pjacolla. Galjano. Tango” and they have been cooperating ever since.

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