The Day of the virgin

The director - Louise Heem

Louise Heem is a Flemish French actress and director. After some training in France, Germany, Argentina and Israel, she started her career in theatre in 2007 and joined cinema in 2011. Based in Paris, she has traveled in 40 countries and is quadrilingual in French, English, Spanish and Italian. She learns Palestinian, Moroccan and Modern Standard Arabic. She volunteers regularly in refugee camps in France, Germany and Greece.

In 2016, El día de la virgen, -her first short movie as a director and scriptwriter- was screened in Palestine for its Première during Nablus festival and Gaza Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival.


Sarah, French-speaker, lives in a city where the majority of the inhabitants are Spanish-speakers. Due to ethnic riots, the government has decided to divide the city into three zones and to limit them by a wall. Married with a Spanish-speaker,
Sarah lives in Zone A and is thus separated from her brother who lives in zone C.

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