An abstract story about time and human, blending together two genres – documentary and fiction. It`s a story about the path through train wagons. While the train is moving, the time passes and every next stop is a new day, a time to make new acquaintances. The railroad also leads vertically, on the fragile border, which separates a stranger from someone whom you could love. In the roads dynamic appears borders, that interact and breach themselves. 

Director – Elizabete Mezule

One of her oldest memories is when she was 5, when she saw a scene from “Battleship Potemkin”. Now, looking back, it seem logical, that she has been studying film directing in the Latvian Academy of Culture for a year now. Before starting her studies, she had learned operator and mounting directing by herself, that proved while working with the documentary “TEODORS”. She is taken away by documentaries, which is like analog photography, which will always possess an unknown element, that lives an independent life and it`s maker makes into a mediator between the idea and it`s realization in film.

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